• All vehicles can be rent only with our driver.
  • The rent price for trips in Serbia includes: driver, fuel, road tolls, vehicle and passenger insurance.
  • For more than one day journeys, clients will cover the cost of accommodation and food for driver, and any costs of hotel parking lot.
  • For trips abroad, rent price don't cover foreign costs (taxes, tolls, parking, and other expenses).
  • In the period between 10pm and 7am, we extra charge 5€ per every started rental hour, or 5€ more for each transfer.
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Restoran za svadbe
Pripremite se za vencanje, stavite slike sa svog vencanja na internet, besplatno reklamirajte robu ili usluge koje su u vezi sa vencanjima ili svadbama, pogledajte galeriju slika sa vencanja.